The History of Pizza!

We all love pizza. But where did it come from? Italy of course. The first pizza that resembles the pizza we eat today comes from Naples. Naples is an ancient city founded by the greeks in the bronze age around 600 BC.  The greeks brought flatbread with them to the area. By the 1700’s Naples was a major port city with many sailors, porters, dock workers, fishermen and their families. Because the working people were busy and not wealthy they often ate food from street vendors who put toppings on flat bread, some of them are the same toppings we eat today.

When Italy united in the later part of the 1800’s King Umberto and Queen Margherita visit Naples. As the story goes she smelled the pizza and asked to try it. Later at court she described it the nobles and a paige was sent to get some, which could be the first take out pizza order ever. The classic Margherita pizza with tomato, basil and mozzarella has the colors of the flag of Italy.

Italian immigrants settled in the northern United States brought pizza with them. As it spread across the United States many variations came into being. Strada brings this long history of wonderful pizza to Asheville. So if you are looking for pizza in Asheville come in and a taste a little bit of history with a whole lot of flavor.  We also have gluten free pizza made in house for those who have a food sensitivity. Come in for a slice!

olive pizza slice - 100dpi.jpg